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Saving Sun Damaged Cedar

repair cedar siding

Cedar siding offers a stunning look to your home, however, requires routine maintenance. The team at JDM Painting and Wood Finishing recommends refreshing cedar siding on an annual basis, which will help extend the life and maintain the beauty of the exterior of the home or office building.

JDM Pro Painting and Wood Finishing had routinely maintained the cedar siding annually for the homeowners in this Brookfield, Wisconsin home and then skipped a couple of years before they invited us back to their property. Upon our return, we found significant damage to the siding, including sun blistering that prevented the stain from covering evenly creating an unsightly look. We were able to save the siding by coming up with a custom stain solution that addressed the problem and maintained the cedar’s natural beauty the homeowner loved.

There are options available to repair cedar siding that is not regularly maintained. Schedule a free consultation with JDM Pro Painting and Wood Finishing for annual maintenance for your cedar siding or to evaluate if your damaged cedar can be repaired.